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Deutsches Flachdisplay-Forum mit größtem Stand auf der Display Week

Groß, größer, DFF: Auch in diesem Jahr organisierte das Deutsche Flachdisplay-Forum e. V. (DFF) erfolgreich den German Pavilion auf der Display Week der Society for Information Display (SID). Das größte Displayevent des Jahres verzeichnete erneut eine Besucherrekordzahl. Der German Pavilion war dabei der flächenmäßig größte Stand.

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»QD« television – What are the benefits of the new display technology?

In Germany, football fans remember July 13 of 2014. This was the day Germany defeated Argentina in the football world cup finals with a 1-0-win. The winning goal, shot within extra time in the 113th minute of the game, electrified the nation. Eleven minutes later, Germany was football world champion of 2014. Most German football fans will be able to recall that winning goal, whether they have actually seen it or not. So, does one have to have seen the goal to know what it was like? From Julia Schmidt

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