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  • News 2021

    36th electronic displays Conference (edC)

    Innovation is the key to great displays and systems
    16.03. – 17.03. 2022
    Nuremberg, Germany
    edC Homepage

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    4th ISELED Conference

    19.10.2021, Munich, Germany
    The event will be in a hybrid format. Hence an "on site" event at the premises of "Sueddeutscher Verlag" in Munich with maximum of 98 attendees, due the Covid restrictions, and as an "online" event via Internet. Beside the presentations and discussions also an exhibition with several companies presenting their products around the smart LED technology will be available.
    Online participants around the world will also have the possibility to see the exhibition and ask questions to the exhibitors there, since during the conference breaks a camera team and an interviewer will visit the booth.
    Flyer 4th ISELED Conference – 314 KB

    The online attendance is for free, only a registration is required to attend.

    SID Display Week 2022

    San Jose, USA
    Display Week

    If you are interested in participating, please send a message to:

    From "” to a Virtual Platform for all DFF Members

    Whether along the value chain or together with market companions, you will find yourself adequately represented in the 'display environment'. Visitors can stroll through these 'neighborhoods'. You will be found better this way than relying on relevant searches. Beyond the aspect of pure presence, we want to create spaces for presentations and discussions.
    This space should be lively and attractive for participants and visitors.

    DFF Education Workshop 2021

    This year the DFF is offering a workshop in Darmstadt together with Photonics BW and Photonics HUB.

    October 21st, 2021 – Workshop / Seminar on "Fundamentals of Electronic Displays"
    in Darmstadt organized by Photonics HUB rebate for DFF members (460,00 EURO vs. regular fee of 530, 00 EURO)
    Flyer "Elektronische Displays" – 393 KB

    Rebate for DFF members

    Automotive Interiors Expo 2021

    Messe Stuttgart
    Automotive Interiors Expo 2021

    Car interiors will involve more and more display technology as they become more autonomous and user friendly in the coming years so now is a perfect time to promote your members abilities.

    The show will grow significantly since 2019 which was the biggest and best to date, with 180 exhibitors and over 2,600 designers, engineers, technicians and purchasers from the OEM and T1 visitors.

    This is a niche event and a very technical fair, it is the quality of visitor which makes this show work!

    Please see the Floorplan for 2021!

    Please contact Andrew French, Phone: +44 (0) 1306 743744

    UV Bonding

    UV bonding: Change to UV-LED light source requires careful alignment of process and materials
    DFF Recommendation – 164 KB

    New General Manager of the DFF

    Hartmut Heske, long-time member of the executive board, moves towards the position of the General Manager. He takes over this position from Dr. Ulrich Rütten who will focus his activities on the Display Week participation, the development of a virtual marketplace and the “System Integration” Working Group.

  • News 2020

    International Conference on Display Technology (ICDT)

    Wuhan, China
    Info about ICDT 2020 – 114 KB
    The meeting will be held as an online conference and on-site conference!

    New 1. Chairman of DFF

    Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Blankenbach has resigned from his position as 1st Chairman of the DFF for personal reasons. As honorary chairman, he will continue to support the work of the DFF.
    On October 1st, 2020, the Board elected Dr. Armin Wedel, Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research, as 1st Chairman of the DFF.

    3rd ISELED Conference

    03.09.2020, Munich, Germany

    IMID 2020

    20th International Meeting on Information Displays
    COEX, Seoul, Korea
    The conference will be held as an online conference!

    SID Display Week 2020

    The Display Week will be held as an online conference!

    34th electronic displays Conference (edC)

    26.02. – 27.02. 2020
    Nuremberg, Germany

    30 % Discount for DFF Members, please contact DFF secretary
  • News 2019


    Sapporo, Japan

    EuroDisplay 2019

    Minsk, Belarus

    IMID 2019

    19th International Meeting on Information Displays
    Gyeongju, Korea

    SID Display Week 2019

    12.05.-17.05.2019, San Jose Convention Center, CA, USA
    Gernan Pavilion

    2nd ISELED Conference

    International Conference on Display Technology (ICDT)

    Kunshan, Suzhou, China

    Electronic Displays Conference edC 2019

    27.02.-28.02.2019, Nuremberg, Germany

  • News 2018


    23.-26.10.2018, Dusseldorf, Germany

    SID DISPLAY WEEK 2018 22.05.-24.05.2018, LOS ANGELES, USA

    DFF organizes German Pavilion

    Electronic Displays Conference 28.02.-01.03.2018, Nuremberg, Germany

    We were able to conclude a sponsoring of the edC 2018 for our members. The registration on the website is possible since a few days:

    By giving the membership number you get 30% discount.