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Application Forms

Request for Membership – 235 KB
for Membership

Application Form for Meetings – 193 KB
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Application Fees

for Membership and Meetings

Membership Fees and Participation Fees – 153 KB


DFF Competence Matrix

Competence Matrix – 135 KB


DFF Bylaws

DFF Bylaws (EN) – 98 KB
DFF Satzung (DE) – 47 KB


DFF Compliance Rules

Compliance Rules (EN) – 286 KB
Compliance Rules (DE) – 242 KB


DFF Flyer

The flyer gives a short summary of our vision, mission and services. It explains the benefits for members of the DFF.

DFF Flyer – 451 KB


Past German Pavilions at Display Week 2022 and 2023


DFF White Paper Touch

For your personal copy of the DFF White Paper Touch Screens please refer to the link below

DFF White Paper Touch – 2 MB


Test patterns provided by Burosch

Test patterns are needed for display assessment, which can be performed by measurements or by visual inspection. The use of the testpatterns for download is free for DFF members.

Test pattern from Burosch – 49 MB
For more professional reference test patterns, see or


OEM Specification

on request, please contact


DFF Display Measurement Specification (DMS)

only for DFF members on request, please contact



Other Display Societies and Networks