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About us

Who we are

We are an international organisation with companies and institutions from all parts of the flat panel display community:

  • research institutes
  • material and component suppliers
  • manufacturing and process equipment suppliers
  • flat panel display and module manufactures
  • system integrators and distributors
  • flat panel display end users

What we do

  • Plenary meetings (WGM) on selected display topics at member companies
  • Dedicated Platforms:
    • Automotive Platform - Working Group "Displays"
    • Platform "System Integration"
  • Conferences and trade shows
  • Newsletter
  • Networking and information


Vision and Mission

We mutually support ourselves towards a leading position in the industry
to expand our business both technologically and commercially.

The vision of DFF:

The vision of DFF is to enable its members to attain and sustain a leading position in flat panel display (FPD) industries. DFF catalyses and expands a network of excellence across the entire value chain, leading to new business opportunities.

To achieve this, DFF has launched a communication platform promoting information exchange between European companies and the international display community.

DFF mission contains five elements:

  • DFF provides a unique networking platform of leading companies driving the FPD industry
  • DFF provides a unique source of information for FPD market participants
  • DFF assists in identifying and assessing business opportunities at all levels of the FPD value chain and application areas
  • DFF assists to design the supply chains for the innovative FPD technologies of the future
  • DFF promotes entrepreneurial competence and excellence


In December 1998 Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ehrfeld in his function as then managing director of the Institute of Microtechnology Mainz (IMM), started an initiative gathering 24 leading suppliers, potential producers, end-product manufacturers, associations and research institutes of the German display community.

This initiative elaborated a strategy for the set-up of globally competitive flat panel display production capacities in Germany. This activity became the seed of the "Deutsches Flachdisplay Forum" (DFF) which was founded in February 2000 at VDMA. In order to improve flexibility and services for our members, we founded the DFF e.V. as a registeredf society end of 2014 becoming operational in Jan. 2015.

DFF e.V. EVENTS 2016 - 17


July 14: Alpine, München, Agenda

Oct 12: Merck, Darmstadt, Agenda

Feb 23: BMW, Munich

Apr 27: Instrument Systems, Munich

SI Platform & WGMs:

Oct 12/13:
Merck, Darmstadt, Agenda
Theme: "OLED"

Jan 18/19:
Optonet, Jena

June 21/22:
GIRA, Radevormwald


DFF auf der Display Week
German-Pavillon besser besucht denn je

So erfolgreich wie nie organisierte das Deutsche Flachdisplay-Forum (DFF) den German-Pavillon auf der diesjährigen Display Week ...

DFF meetings now open for Non-Members

In 2016 DFF Meetings can be booked like conferences
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Setzen sich OLED-Displays in 5 Jahren im Industriesektor durch?


10% discount on new i-sft product family for DFF members.


May 23-25, 2017:
German Pavilion at
SID Display Week 2017,
Los Angeles


Deutsches Flachdisplay-Forum e.V.
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c/o Hochschule Pforzheim
Tiefenbronner Str. 65
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