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Flat Panel Displays

Flat Panel Displays (FPDs) are widely used for television, mobile devices, notebooks, monitors, automotive, as well as avionic, medical, e-signage and industrial applications. The increasing usage and adaption of Flat Panel Displays by various sectors in our daily life will further drive the market and the growth of the display industry.

There are various competing display technologies:

  • LED backlight Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs)
  • Displays based on Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs)
  • E-paper technologies
  • Displays based on Quantum Materials (QDs),
  • LEDs (displays and lighting)

For the future are expected foldable, rollable and flexible displays, 3D-displays with better viewing experience, low cost and environmentally friendly Displays.

DFF also dedicates special meetings and platforms to address issues that are not relevant to the whole group of members, like the Automotive Platform and Business Meetings abroad.


The services provided to our members are tailored to give you a maximum benefit and value for money:

  • Working groups
  • Newsletter
  • Fairs and conferences
  • DFF advocacy
  • Training, education and workshops

However, consumer trends, like higher resolution or integrated touch are influencing the technologies of professional displays.

In order to establish these trends faster, we need a strong network – that is provided by the DFF.

If you are interested in seminars or workshops, please contact armin.wedel@displayforum.de

Conferences & Fairs

  • DFF collaborates with conference and trade fair organizers to enable its members reduced rates for participation.
  • DFF furthermore applies for joint trade fair participations.